Concept Note

After an all-embracing study for the five minds through ground-breaking projects that reach out to the sixth sense, or instinct, Noida international Literature Festival – Vibhor, will present: The Special Vitrine.


Curatorially focused, the exhibition will explore how instinct has, in some form, shaped art from corner to corner, civilizations and generations. It will carry collectively historic, modern and contemporary works related to the concept of instinct, dreams, meditation, creative power and inspiration. The Special Vitrine is the ability to attain comprehension devoid of evidence, or conscious reasoning: a sensation that guides a person to act in a definite manner without fully understanding why.

The concept has been developed through installations, talks and by allowing people to experience new ways of seeing, simply to find means of relating with the intuitive responses to create the ultimate multi-sensory experiences.


Art on Display

Each art piece at The Special Vitrine is inspired by a desire to trace the multidisciplinary route that epitomize life in art. The theme is therefore a perfect topic to explore in relation to the versatile and mysterious identity of the great Royalties of South Asia. The exhibition starts a many-faceted project which intends to provide now and in future years of a portrait of important Royals of contemporary art by presenting their valuable art collections.

The exhibition’s aim is to examine the question: how has the role of the Royalties evolved from the time of the great Renaissance collections to the present day?


Private Preview – Princess Nandini  Singh Jhabua of the princely state of Jhabua, MP, shall give an ode to her grandmother HH Rani Lok Rajya Lakshmi Devi w/o HH Raja Ajit Singh by presenting her private collection of Tangkasnet Art.
International artists – Niren Sen Gupta (Advisor – Habitat Centre, Principal – College of arts), Sameer bharthi, Atul Sinha, Paramjit Singh (All India Fine Art and crafts Society, Principal- College of arts, Delhi Silpi chakra), Rajesh K Baderia, 
The Art Wall Project – Abid Zaidi


Special Project – Interactive Art Installation 


The Special Vitrine is an ever evolving platform  to sense the pulse of creativity for the futurists of the world.

Interactive Dialogues

The Special Vitrine’s Interactive Dialogues brings together artists, curators, critics and patrons held within the art and craft community of South Asia, to discover the cultural discourse across the world.


At the 2017 edition, conversations shall examine multifarious topics such as: How to grow to be a bridge between the great minds of our time – philosophers, sociologists, designers, architects, artists, writers, businessmen and opinion leaders— and the promising futurists of the generations to come.


The relationship between Literature and Art’ shall bring to the focus that how Literature and Art can together nourish the creative creations that shall continue to inspire the futurists of the world.


Our Interactive Dialogues includes speakers such as: Dr Parag Diwan, Founder Chancellor – University of Petroleum and Energy Studies – Asia’s first core sector University, International artist Rajesh K. Baderia, Princess Nandini Singh Jhabua of the princely state of Jhabua, MP, art Critic Aruna Bhowmick amongst others.


Akhil Vadehra

Curator & Moderator

Belonging from a Family who developed the definition of modernity in the Indian Art separate from the colonial legacy and Global Intra-preneurs  has raised  Akhil Vadehra’s Creative Thinking and Imagination potential in an all-inclusive stage for the human race to gain assistance from. Akhil Vadehra is the youngest scion of his privileged family and grew up in a rich and artistic environment since childhood. 

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On 25th of November, 2016, Akhil Vadehra was appointed as Albinism India Alliance’s Lifetime Creator – India’s First attempt for individuals with exceptional genetic conditions, to create AIA as a central figure in expanding a network of good dedicated to people with Albinism with Om Kothari Group of Companies. 

Since the age of 6, Akhil brought many things that he imagined into a reality and passionately ideates to contribute to inestimable and great things in the ever evolving World of Creations.

Akhil has been an acclaimed pantomime artist and fascinates about traditional Indian art and craft. He works very closely with artisans from across the country and creates rare masterpieces.

Akhil has been awarded by various National Groups, Councils and organisations since childhood.


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