I Am Author

Over and above the extravaganza, Noida International Literature Festival will provide the life-changing opportunity to the readers, audience and aspiring authors to turn their dream into reality by providing them the publishing opportunity through its special initiative, “I Am Author”.

 How does it work?

Authors will need to submit a short synopsis and 3 sample chapters of their unpublished work at iamauthor@noidaliteraturefestival.com. Winner will be offered the digital publishing deal by Dreamworld Publications.

Holiday Romance, Rebound Fling

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 1st October’2018 (midnight).

Terms & Conditions

  • Only unpublished authors can apply to participate in I Am Author.
  • Shimla International Literature Festival is only a facilitator and we are just the connecting bridge between aspiring authors with the associate publication. We do not guarantee or promise any publication deals or commercial contracts from the event.
  • The decision of the Publication is final and the Festival does not have any influence on the same.


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