Through our literary endeavor, VIBHOR, we are committed towards giving back to the society and adding value to the community who has not only supported us wholeheartedly but has been our pillar and strength. VIBHOR is a platform where we bring together best of authors, writers, speakers, educationists, organizations, politicians, professionals and what not. VIBHOR is focused on inculcating the reading habits and reviving the joy of writing poems, prose and stories in the government as well as private schools and colleges. We conduct workshops, competitions and various sessions which educate, motivate and empower the children who wish to be someone other than lawyer, engineer, doctor or an MBA professional .


We are on constant look out for the children who need our guidance in order to hone their writing skills and sharpen their literary understanding. We give them platform and chance to follow their dreams. Not only this, but, we also donate books and help government run schools to create robust libraries and reading facilities for the children. With every new edition of VIBHOR, we work even harder to help the ones who truly needs it.