BHAGWANDASS MORWAL born on January 23, 1960 in Nagina, distt.Mewat, Haryana. Mewat an area at the confluence of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajsthan, characterized by the inter mingling of Hindu and Meo Muslim culture. He is M.A. (Hindi), and Diploma in Journalism .He born in a family of landless labourers in the countryside of Mewat,popularly known as the _Black Waters_ (Kala Pani) of the then backward region of Haryana in Northern India . This Mewat that had taken up cudgels against Babar, founder of the powerful Moughal Empire in the medieval era. It is the same Mewat whose last ruler Hasan Khan Mewati had received a seemingly innocuous message from Babar, according to which the tribal warlord—belonging to the same religion as Babar – ought to have fought alongside the invader in his battle against Rana Sanga, the ruler of the neighbouring state of Mewar. Hasan Khan had no qualms in rejecting Babar’s proposal of intimacy, saying,” I am an Indian first and I won’t let a foreign vanquish or enslave my country .” Bhagwandass Morwal belongs to the same Mewat which _Mahatma Gandhi_ had eulogized in 1933, saying,” I _can make India win its freedom within in 24 hours provided the whole country_, grit could_ emulate Mewat’s Meo community in its valour and patriotic fervor_.” His writings reflect a deep inside , an inherent vision of rural problems in Mewat,which Mewat there Meos are followers of Islam, but on social occasions fervently enact and recite the poetic creation Pandoon kau Kara , based on the classical Hindu text of the Mahabharata. His four fictional works (novels) –_KALA PAHAR__ _(The Black Mountain) 1999 and _BABAL TERA__ DES MEIN _(O Father, In Thy Land) 2004 are located in the same Mewat. His third novel _RET_ (Sand) has an erstwhile Criminal Tribes at its centre, its plot revolving round a woman who remains unfazed amidst her grim circumstances, circumstances that get her labeled as a prostitute and a criminal,. _NARAK MASEEHA_ 2014 is based on NGO culture in India, _HALALA _2016 _ _is based on shariyat in Muslim community while his sixth and latest novel _SUR BANJARAN_ is based on a female artist of Hathras style nautanki. _BHAGWANDASS MORWAL_ has been received following literary awards :- _SPANDAN KRUTI AWARD_, Bhopal (2018) _JANKAVI MEHAR SINGH SAMMAN,__Haryana Sahitya Academy(2010)_ _ INDU SHARMA INTERNATIONAL KATHA SAMMAN(LONDON) __2009_ _SHABD SADHAK JURI SAMMAN__(2009)__ _ _KATHAKRAM SAMMAN __(2007)__ _ _SAHITYAKAR SAMMAN_, Hindi Academy ,Delhi (2004) _SAHITYIK KRITI SAMMAN_ , Hindi Academy , Delhi (2000) _SAHITYIK KRITI PURSKAR ,_Hindi Academy , Delhi (1995)_ _ _DR. AMBEDKAR AWARD_ (1995 _RAJAJI AWARD_ (Madras) , 1995 presented by former Hon ‘ble President of India _ SHRI R. VENKATARAMANA_