Anurag Garg is an Indian fiction novelist. He has authored three Bestselling novels, A Half Baked Love Story (2012), Love Not For Sale (2015), Love Will Find a Way (2017) published by Penguin India. After making a bestselling debut with a teenage romance, he defied popular perceptions with a story set around human trafficking. His latest book, Love will find a way deals with a protagonist suffering from a mental disorder. He wrote his first book at the age of nineteen and became one of the youngest published authors in India. His love stories His book A Half-Baked Love Story is a National Bestseller and was declared as one the most popular fiction book of 2014, according to Amazon Best Reads. His second book, Love Not For Sale, a love story set in Delhi’s red light area was critically acclaimed. DNA Mumbai wrote “The Book has all the makings for a Bollywood Potboiler.”