Neeraj Kumar

'Dial D for Don' is the non fiction work of former police commissioner Mr Neeraj Kumar. The book is an account of his eleven riveting investigations, most of which, he led and carried out successfully while in the CBI between 1993 and 2002. The title is based on the chapter in which he recounts his conversations with Dawood Ibrahim which were carried out in an attempt to persuade him to return to India and face the law of the land. Apart from this chapter, various stories including the successful operations that brought the Memon family members back from Dubai, the tracking and arrest of politician cum underworld member Romesh Sharma, the arrest of American Centre attack mastermind Aftab Ansari feature with insider accounts and intriguing details. Published by Penguin Random House, the book is a bestseller on Amazon, Nielsen and Crossword. It has been translated into Marathi, Kannada and Gujarati and is a bestseller even in its translated formats.